The ‘Say What You Mean’ Collection is a culmination of every emotion I’ve weathered the past four months of lockdown – both as a black woman and as an individual in this world. It’s been a lot, for ALL of us at that.
The excesses of the world seem to have finally begun to keel over, and there has been so much pain and destruction that has come from that. Collectively.

But with every form of destruction comes a form of rebirth (if you let it). I’ve realized that during this lockdown. Every time I have come apart, I have put myself back together. And now, every time I choose to use my voice to speak up for what I believe in, I know I’m saying exactly what I mean.

In a world that has been continuously revealed to be built on dishonesty, greed, and deception, I have never felt it more pertinent for people to speak from their hearts and act with their chests than I do at this moment.

It is time to make a choice.

It is finally time to say exactly what we mean, and there’s no escaping that.

I’m very happy to feel apart of that.