[CLASS OF 2023] Painting [B.F.A.] + International & Public Affairs [B.A.] Born JULY 7 1999

AMKMQ is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and “world-builder.”

Painting and drawing since about three years old, AMKMQ has molded worlds, beings and ideologies for herself through the use of a diverse array or mediums – ranging from painting & sculpture to videography, poetry and digital design. Her work often ends up a blended concoction of physical and digital art (blurring the lines between the two).

Taking roots in Afro-Futuristic Surrealist Feminism, AMKMQ’s craft seeks to redress her 21st-century, post-colonial hybridized scars through the following processes of introspection: pre- and “post”-colonial analysis, metaphysical introspection and through the creation of her own lineage, fossils and ‘histories’ within these sickly, vribant landscapes that she traverses through as ‘Oasis.’

A philosopher at heart, her work centers around the following themes:
Afro-Futurism, New-Age Surrealism and “Black” Metaphysics
Feminism, Purity Politics and the Black Female Utopia
Introspection, “Madness” and Mental Health
Afro-Mythocracy and Black Escapism
Pre and Post-Colonial Analysis
The Politics of Remembering

With ALL earnestness, she refers to herself as an ‘Apocalyptic Afro-Futuristic Traveler’ – describing her “journeys” throughout these worlds she visits in her mind’s eye and within her spirit as “traversing through colorful lands, places and beings in which [she] gets to exist exactly as she should be – exactly as she is – destroying the worlds and ideas forced upon her in this current reality.”

Currently in her final year at the Brown University–Rhode Island School School of Design Dual-Degree Program, AMKMQ is studying International & Public Affairs as well as Painting, while balancing a full-time professional art career.